Предавање Николе Алексића на отварању Еко-конференције 26.9.2011


Nikola Aleksić1, Marina Samsonov1, Ana Perenić1, Irene Barett2
1 Ecological Movement of Novog Sada
2 Canada



This paper discusses chemical trails (chemtrails), which are being released from planes over NATO member countries and countries signatories of the NATO “Partnership for Peace” program. Modes of spraying aerosols, difference between chemical and condensational trails, aerosol contents of chemtrails, health implication for humans, history of chemical spraying and possible reasons are discussed.

Key words: aircraft, chemtrails, aerosols, biological warfare, geo-engineering.


Since the signing of the so-called NATO Partnership for Peace (PfP) programme in 2006, new kind of cloud formations and aircraft trails have started appearing in the skies over Serbia. Internationally, these cloud formations are referred to as chemtrails (chemical trails). Whatever these new formations might be, researchers and observers worldwide agree that they represent new, artificial creations, which greatly differ from regular condensational trails left behind jet aircrafts.
This paper is based on information taken from different Internet sources, where all the relevant information and testimonies by different researchers can be found. Additional information has been compiled from Ecological Movement of Novi Sad’s own sources and citizens reports - the only instance where people can voice their concerns and which has the courage to inform the public about the facts related to chemical spraying, which is being conducted worldwide.


Condensational trails, so-called contrails, are composed of water vapour combined with a small amount of residue from burned jet fuel. Contrails often occur at altitudes over 8000m, where due to extremely low temperatures, vapour exiting directly behind engines of the aircraft (which produce the moisture), crystallizes instantaneously and is dispersed relatively quickly. Contrails are always pure white and do not exhibit much halo effect. In addition, contrails cannot be shut on and off abruptly, as reported in numerous sightings of chemical spraying by aircraft.


Chemtrails are primarily characterized by thick trails of white powder-like vapor, being left behind jet aircraft as well as converted piston engine aircraft (according to reports by army professionals form the Kosovo and Metohija administrative border). Chemtrails spread out from one end of the horizon to the other in strictly straight lines and persist for long periods of time, gradually dispersing to cover wide areas of the sky.
Chemtrails occur in X or A shape patterns, forming criss-cross or chessboard networks in the sky.
On warm days (but also in winter), as high atmospheric pressure builds up, especially in the mornings and evenings, increased chemtrail spraying activity can be observed: numerous aircraft alternately cross the sky, appearing in groups of 3-5 in parallel flight and close proximity to each other. Sometimes, groups of 10 aircrafts can be observed simultaneously, which are obviously flying outside set air traffic corridors such as city centers, where air traffic is normally forbidden.
Chemtrails are expelled evenly from multiple vents along the entire wing surface, not directly in line with the engines, leaving behind vortices and static trails. Within several hours, chemtrails slowly spread out and turn into a whitish-grey haze, which blocks the sunrays. Finally, the entire sky is covered in a thick closed cloud formation.
Unlike contrails, chemtrails can be observed to have abrupt breaks, which indicate that spraying with chemical agents over certain areas is turned on and off.
Clouds which are formed as a result of chemtrails have characteristic “smeared” edges. This indicates at polymer as the chemical compound carrier, creating fiber like clouds formations.
Chemtrails have an oily glint to them, with pronounced rainbow-like color effects (reddish or pinkish tint) as the sun shines through. This indicates at fine aluminium powder, which reflects the sunlight. At the end of a day marked by intense chemtrail spraying activity, an “oily” haze cover (unlike smog) can be observed at 150-500m height over cities, which eventually falls down to the ground. (1) Chemtrail spraying, which is observed to last 3-4 consecutive days is usually followed by rain.
The very appearance of chemtrails in the sky, excludes any possibility that these might be regular air traffic condensational trails, as it is sometimes claimed in order to pacify growing public concerns. Some of the best photographic evidence of chemtrails is found at http://www.carnicom.com/contrails.htm.


Independent researchers and professionals from the Unites States, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, France, Canada, Australia and other countries have established that chemtrails contain chemical compounds, which are anything but useful or safe to humans. Chemtrails have been found to contain certain heavy metals, bacteria, fungi, pesticides, mycoplasmas, certain insect larvae which are atypical for the location as well as certain types of artificial nanobiotechnological life forms.
William Thomas(2) , awarded Canadian investigative journalist with over 30 years experience, was the first to publicly speak about chemtrails. He wrote several articles, a book and made a documentary on this subject. His Internet site contains numerous testimonies, reports, latest information and TV reports on chemtrails. William Thomas was the first to conduct chemical analysis of droplets and rainfall samples, taken after chemtrail spraying. Other researchers later confirmed his findings. Chemtrails samples were found to contain the following:
• Aluminium
• Antimony
• Arsenic
• Barium oxide
• Cadmium
• Chromium
• Copper
• Iron
• Lead
• Manganese
• Strontium
• Zinc
• Mycoplasmas
• Pseudomonas aeruginosa and P. florescens bacteria
• Bacilli and enterobacteria
• Streptomyces and other types of fungi and moulds
• Dehydrated human white and red blood cells
• Ethylene debromide insecticide (EDB)
• Enzymes and bacteria used in DNA modification process
• Fibrous materials, resembling spider webs
It seems that over time the composition of chemtrails changes. Early reports spoke about sticky gelatinous droplets that were falling from the sky after chemtrail spraying. Later reports mention thin microfibers, resembling spider web material. Those, who are behind the chemtrail spraying program, are obviously experimenting with different types and mixtures of chemicals in search of best results, which also explains why the finding and effects differ over time. In any case, many people who came in direct contact with the spider web or droplets found on the ground or objects after chemtrail spraying, became ill.


Numerous sights on the internet show pictures of aircraft interiors laden with metal containers and reservoirs instead of passenger seats, which are being used for dispersing chemicals all over the world. Pictures of different types of dispersal vents fitted on the outside of aircrafts (wings, fuselage) can also be found on the internet as well as footage of chemtrail spraying aircraft taken from the air, clearly showing spraying agents coming out of wings or fuselage (not behind engines).
Passenger aircraft are also part of the aerosol spraying operation. They are being fitted with different types of vents, so that they can conduct chemical spraying during commercial flights. Connecting aircraft toilet waste disposal pipes with reservoirs containing chemicals, is another creative way of using passenger aircraft in chemtrail spraying operations. Evidently, this is a way of cutting down costs and masking the whole operation behind regular commercial air traffic. Certain companies use the internet to advertize spraying equipment for different types of aircraft, including passenger planes.
Chemtrail spraying is being conducted over every NATO member state and every country signatory of the so-called NATO “Partnership for Peace” program.


Most common health effects, occurring as a result of chemtrail spraying are: persistent cough, respiratory problems, digestive problems, allergies, pneumonia, severe fatigue, lethargy, vertigo, loss of orientation, concentration problems, headaches, burning in the eyes, joint and muscular pain, neck stiffness, nose bleeding, depression, loss of muscle control, tremors etc. Children, elderly are most susceptible to these symptoms.
Dr. Michael Pece (3) from Arizona was very concerned as after several days of chemtrail spraying his patients started coming in with frequent headaches, sinus congestion, asthma and ear infections. “I attribute this to the allergic reactions to the chemicals which our government is spraying in OUR air! I have noticed that the "hair analysis" labs which I run on some of my patients all are indicating HIGH levels of Barium. My own hair analysis indicated high Barium levels. (...)Yet, we seem to have high levels of barium in our hair which means either barium is being stored from digestion or the hair is being contaminated by an outside source…”
Aluminium is a neurotoxin which causes cognitive dysfunction and brain damage. It can be several years before these problems manifest, by which time aluminium slowly destroys the brain. Direct evidence exists linking high concentrations of aluminium in air and water to the drastic raise in Alzheimer’s disease. (4)
Barium dissolves well in water. Ingesting high levels of barium compounds over the short term results in breathing difficulties, increased blood pressure, changes in heart rhythm, stomach irritation, brain swelling, muscle weakness, damage to the liver, kidney, heart, and spleen. The effects of barium from breathing it or touching it are still unknown.(5)
Exposure to high levels of manganese affects the brain and respiratory organs in particular. Chronic Manganese poisoning may result from prolonged inhalation of dust and fumes. Symptoms of Manganese poisoning are hallucinations, forgetfulness and nerve damage. Manganese can also cause Parkinson’s, lung embolism, and bronchitis. When men are exposed to Manganese for a long period of time, they may become impotent. A syndrome that is caused by Manganese has symptoms such as schizophrenia, dullness, weak muscles, headaches, and insomnia. When Manganese uptake takes place through the skin, it can cause tremors and coordination failures. Manganese also causes failure in development of animal foetuses. (4)
Another dangerous ingredient found in chemtrails samples is Ethylene dibromide (EDB), which is highly toxic. High-level exposure to EDB can affect and damage the heart, kidneys, liver, and can cause respiratory tract infections and pneumonia. EDB is also a desiccant. It dries up our mucosal tissues and skin (causing severe itching, redness, swelling, and cracked skin that is slow to heal). EDB reduces sperm count and acts mutagenic and cancerogenic.(6)
Lowered blood temperature with flu-like symptoms without fever is a sign of chronic fungal infection. Fungal infections also manifest through autoimmune diseases, from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia to sharp joint pains, vertigo, mental confusion and short-term memory loss.
According to medical practicioners, malignant diseases, respiratory diseases, heart disfunctions, skin rashes, asthma, nose bleeding, chronic fatigue, deconcentration, lowered immunity, aggression are on the rise. There an increases number of sudden, unexplained deaths with young.
What is particularly worrying are new diseases which are exsclusively linked with the content of chemical compounds. According to symptoms and manifestation, Morgellons disease (7) is the most horrifying of all, where fiber or hair-like artificial life forms appear through skin lesions on the human body. These fiber-like bionanotechnological life forms have been created by those who are conducting chemical spraying of humans. Once inhaled or touched Morgellons particles are designed to integrate and combine into fibers once inside a living organism. The fibers seem to be capable of intercommunication and form a network,, which integrates into the invaded biological system, using its bioenergy for survival.
Morgellons enter the brain, changing the consciousnes. Victims of Morgellons suffer from scaley skin lesions, with artificial fibers coming out of them.
There is high probability that the purpose of this parasitic structure is remote control of living beings.


Spraying of chemicals from the air, i.e. conducting live experiments on humans is not new in character. It all began with the developing and perfecting of biological weapons of mass destruction after the Second World War. The aim was to perfect the methods for depopulating planet Earth.
Gordon J.F. MacDonald (8), associate director of the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics at the University of California and internationally renowned scientist wrote in his book “Unles Peace Comes” about geophysical warfare (6). In the chapter „How to Wreck the Environment“, he describes how energy fields of the Earth can be used in order to manipulate climate, destroy the ozon layer and induce earthquakes. Back in 1966 professor Mc Donald wrote that such weapons could be used in a secret war, without the victims being aware of it.
„The Observer“ (9), reputed British newspaper, published an article on 21st of April 2002 entitled „Millions were in germ war tests”, reporting that between 1940 and 1979 British Ministry of Defense turned large parts of the country into a giant laboratory to conduct a series of secret germ warfare tests on the public. The experiments involved releasing potentially dangerous chemicals and micro-organisms over populated areas without the public being told. Although official reports denied that any harmful chemicals and micro-organisms were released from planes, unexplained birth defects and mental retardation in children had been reported in the affected areas.
Dr Leonard Cole (10) collected information from U.S. military records on a horrifying list of biological and chemical agents tested on American and Canadian civilian populations from 1949-1994. US congressional hearings of 1975, 1977 and 1994 confirm this. The testing did not include effects on human health. Over time, it became obvious that the agents tested were not only harmful, but fatal. In 1994, Dr. Cole testified before a Senate committee that he feared the military might develop new and genetically engineered pathogens. It should be noted that such chemical and biological testing, regardless of fatal consequences on human health, is not in conflict with the American law. Conducting tests or experiments using chemical or biological agents on human subjects in peace times is permitted if informed consent is obtained by the US Senate and Congress: United States Code (11), Title 50, Chapter 32, Section 1520a.
Weather modification patent, the so-called Welsbach-Patent (12) from 1991, which originated from the “Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory” (LLNL) - a prestigious biomedical research institution in San Francisco -, serves as a technical basis form spraying chemical agents from the air (chemtrails). It was patented by the American patent state institution - US Patent – and is today being used for climate manipulation (geo-engineering). Founder and director of LLNL, Dr Edward Teller (1908-2003) is known as the father of the hydrogen bomb (the only weapon of mass destruction leaving the infrastructure intact), who also advocated nuclear detonations along coastal regions in order to transform them for economic purposes.
The Welsbach-Patent, developed for LLNL by scientists Chang and Shih, became property of one of the largest military contractor companies in the world – “Raytheon” - some years ago. “Raytheon” is also the proprietor of different climate manipulation patents - HAARP). (1)
The Welsbach-Patent (“stratospheric seeding” patent) consists of two primary components: aluminium and barium, as well as artificial polymer compounds which serve as carriers. Barium oxide and aluminium are also used to create a diffuse electrical field, which can be pulsed with low-frequency radio waves. This creates electrostatic discharges, so-called “dry storms”, i.e. storms without rain. According to the patent text, mixture of polymers, which bind barium and aluminium particles, allows the chemical mixture to remain suspended in atmosphere up to a year.
Journalist William Thomas (13) revealed in his report “Stolen Skies” in 2001 that after a series of tests over the United States, Teller presented his Welsbach-Patent for “biophysical reduction of global warming” to a working group inside the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) - an international climatologist organization, established by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). (14) Teller’s project received green light from the IPCC in May 2000 and is since been implemented globally under the world policeman military alliance NATO.
The use of aerosols (particles dispersed in air), recommended by Teller and the LLNL, and fine metal particles with the aim of “reflecting excess sunlight back into space” was welcomed by the IPCC in its 2001 assessment report “Mitigation of Climate Change”.
Erik Meijer(15), member of the European Parliament, asked the European Commission whether they were aware that since 1999 US and Canadian citizens have been complaining about a growing number of new and different kinds of trails are being left behind aircraft, creating milky veils causing “areal obscuration”. He warned about research results indicated that aircraft were emitting chemicals into the atmosphere and asked about the purpose of this chemical spraying. He also asked the Commission about the presence of this phenomenon over Europe, who was financing the operation and what were the health implications for the population. On behalf of the European Commission, his questions were answered by the Environmental Commissioner, Stavros Dimas, who said that the Commission were aware of this issue, but that there was no evidence to support the claims of chemical spraying. Questions and answers can be found on the European Parliament website.
Before Erik Meijer, similar questions were posed in the Italian parliament by Italo Sandi and Piero Ruzzante (16), members of the Italian democratic left, in 2005. Asimina Xirotiri and Fotis Kouvelis did the same in Greek national assembly, but their questions remained unanswered. (17)
Former Environmental Minister of Lower Saxony and member of the Bunderstag from 1998-2009, Monika Griefahn (18), expressed her concern about the extreme toxicity of barium and aluminium mixture which being used in the air.
Dr. Leonard Horowitz (19) , international authority on public health, with masters degree from Harvard University believes that chemtrails are responsible for chemical poisoning of people and the decline of natural immunity. People are becoming more susceptible to infections, depending of the type of chemical agents they are being exposed to. Through his work and in the book “Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism & Toxic Warfare“, he talks about his findings, theories and concerns in connection with the chemical spraying of humans through chemtrails.
A scientist alias “Deep Shield” (1), who worked at computer simulations of long-term climate change consequences for the LLNL project, revealed insider information on a Canadian chemtrails website. Namely, scientists who were working with him on the chemtrail project were only partially informed about project details (“need to know basis”) and there had been strong disagreement among them. “Deep Shield” spoke of the chemtrail project being so unprecedented, that a respective co-ordination body inside the World Health Organization (WHO) had been formed. He was most concerned about the WHO estimates regarding the long-term effects of chemtrail spraying on human health and a potential death of 40 million people annually on a global scale. Most vulnerable part of the population was mainly children, elderly and those with lowered immunity. According to “Deep Shield”, the chemtrail program was planned to be conducted for a period of 50 years, during which time a potential 2 billion deaths would be taken into account. On 26th of September 2004, LLNL employee alias “Deep Shield” allegedly committed suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning in his garage, without even leaving a suicide note to his family.
Former FBI Chief of Los Angeles, Ted L. Gunderson (20) , confirms the existence of chemtrails, which he refers to as “Death Dumps”: “The death dumps, otherwise known as chemical trails, are being dropped and sprayed throughout the United States and England, Scotland, Ireland, and Northern Europe (…)”. In his video address he talks about a crime against humanity being conducted from huge, bomber-like airplanes with no markings.
Today, there is little doubt that the chemtrail program is mainly being conducted from specially equipped Boeing cargo aircraft from the unmarked NATO air contingent. All NATO members states and NATO “Partnership for Peace (PfP)” signatories are subject to chemtrail spraying. In addition, by signing the PfP, individual countries give large concessions to this military alliance, which include unannounced flights.
The European chemtrail program is a joint, closely co-ordinated venture of both civilian and military aviations.


Existing, unofficial explanations for chemtrail spraying are as following:
- Global warming reduction
- Climate control (Geo-engineering)
- Remote control of human population
- Lowering human immunity for pharmaceutical profits
- Depopulation on planet Earth (genocide)
- Interests of multinational companies producing genetically modified organisms
“Monsanto” corporation, global leader in genetic bio-engineering and production of GMO, patented a gene resistant to aluminium - which is the main component of chemtrails. Tolerance to high aluminium content is significant for crop cultivation on acidic soils, where aluminium can have a toxic effect, together with other metals (Mn, Fe, Ni).
It seems that the best-argumented theories are those connecting chemtrails with attempts of some sort of weather modification, on either local or global levels. In this connection, operation “Coverleaf”, which originated from the Edward Teller’s Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, is often mentioned.
American broadcaster CBS News (21) reported in 2001 that scientists were looking at drastic solutions for the global warming problem “including manipulating Earth's atmosphere on a massive scale”. CBS confirmed the existence of a plan for loading planes with metal powder, which would reflect enough sunlight to induce global cooling.
In an American Air force study from 1996 entitled “Owning the Weather in 2025” (22) it is described how climate manipulation specialists are dispersing chemicals from flying tankers, in a process known in aviation as “aerial obscuration”.


The issue of foreign commercial aircraft flights over Serbia is regulated by the Air traffic Code (23). Article 13, section 1, states that “no object are allowed to be released from aircraft during flight”, except in circumstances where passenger and aircraft safety are at risk. According to section 2 of the same article, captain of the aircraft can order fuel discharge. Article 13, section 3 states that “discharging of chemicals from aircrafts are strictly forbidden”.
At the same time, according to Article 28 of the Air traffic Code (23) , each aircraft must have a certificate on gas emissions, which must be within set limits.
In case of foreign aircraft releasing radiological, chemical or biological agents, this could be considered an act of aggression and the Defence Code, Article 6, section 1 and 2 is implemented, according to which the president of Serbia is to command the defence of the country.
- Based on Article 73, all defence and protection measures are being undertaken under Item 5: “radiological-chemical-biological protection” from aerial aggression.
- Based on the same Defence Code article (24): “the defence minister can decide on more specific measures of defence and protection”.
In case of an environmental hazard and threats to public health, Serbian Criminal Code (25) is implemented:
- Based on Article 260, section 3, in connection with section 1, it is stated that if codes of environmental protection are violated by polluting water, air or soil on a greater scale or larger area ( section 1) and this entails destruction of animal and plant life to such an extent, whereby rehabilitation of the damage caused requires substantial time and cost, the perpetrator will be sentenced to 1 - 8 years imprisonment.
- Failure to take measures by respective authorities and institutions, according to Article 261, section 3, will result in the same sentencing outlined in Article 260, section 3 in respect to section1 of the Criminal Code.
- Article 258, section 1 of the Criminal Code states: Persons who contaminate drinking water supply for humans with dangerous substances will be sentenced to up to 3 years in prison.
In relation to the aforementioned, it is written in the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia (26) that: “human life is inviolable” - Article 24; “every person has the right to protection of his or her physical and mental health” - Article 68; “every person has the right to a clean environment and a timely and complete information on the state of the environment” and “every person has an obligation to preserve and improve the environment”- Article 74.
Based on the above-stated legal norms, it can be concluded without doubt that there are no legal grounds for spraying chemicals from the air over Serbian territory. The spraying is criminal, in violation of the Serbian Constitution and all other legal norms and can therefore be characterized as terrorism.


Based on numerous facts, material evidence, pictures and video materials by witnesses, testimonies by researchers, medical practitioners and people who have become ill, which all document chemtrails, only one conclusion can be drawn: Biological warfare is being waged on humanity. This war is being waged by shadow structures, for reasons which are explained in texts on the New World Order (NOW) and which are etched in 600 tons stone blocks called “the American Stonehenge” or “Guidestones“ in Atlanta, US. (27) The top inscription states: “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature”.
There is a conspiracy against humanity. It is real and it is at work. The aims of this conspiracy are publicly announced. Biological warfare is being waged on humanity. The sooner this obvious and indeniable truth is accepted, the more humans capable of procreation will be saved.


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Никола Алексић1, Марина Самсонов1, Ана Перенић1, Irene Barett2
1Еколошки покрет Новог Сада



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Предавање Николе Алексића на отварању Еко-конференције 26.9.2011