Products are made out of ecological raw material straw, nice texture, unique design.
Products out of compressed straw are made in way that mixture of grind straw and glue are compressed in a mould. Products are solid and compact.
Technology is quite new, unique and cheap in energy.
The reduction of wood cutting is very important for the environment. In that light straw is very interesting row material as a substitute for wood.
Resources of straw are almost unlimited. Straw has a symbolic value and looks very nice in a texture of products. Silky gold shine of straw in the game of light are very pretty.
Products out of straw are substitute for other products which are not environment friendly. Straw is 100% biodegradable. Also straw is a renewable resource. Only one year is needed and that is much shorter period in comparing with wood.
There is a possibility to recycle a final products and waste materials in a production process.
Create pressed straw products allows the production of substitutes for utility and decorative items that have so far produced from wood or plastic.

Products of straw products retain the natural appearance that is characteristic of wood. This would reduce the use of precious wood in the field of producing objects for which you have successfully finished the production. To reduce the negative impact of worsening conditions in the environment made exploitation of wood at the local and global level.

Substituting plastic straw allows to avoid the biggest lack of plastics, the impossibility of quick and complete biodegradability.
Products have been existing 10 years on market of Serbia.

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